Kind of like CRM, except
lawyers actually use it.

Practice Pipeline is a simple business development software that helps lawyers grow their practice, minus the headache of traditional CRM. With a 75% adoption rate, Practice Pipeline inspires action.

When it comes to lawyer business development, we get it.
We’ve spent 20 years in the legal industry providing business development coaching, consulting, and training programs to hundreds of top Am Law firms. In our experience, lawyers thrive with a combination of simple technology and smart coaching. That’s what Practice Pipeline is all about.
Our features are tailor-made for lawyer business development.
  • Simple dashboard
  • Follow-up reminders
  • Management reports
  • Calendar updates
  • Easy integration
  • Mobile app
  • Business development training videos
  • Expert business development coaching
Our Clients:

Learn what over 5,000 rainmakers already know.