A Practice Pipeline initiative kicks off with a workshop that introduces the firm’s lawyers to the technology and shows them how to start building their business development plan. The kickoff provides lawyers with a framework to assess their strengths and weaknesses, establish their objectives for the program, become familiarized with the Practice Pipeline technology, and create a roadmap for success. Kickoff sessions are facilitated by our faculty as 2-hour workshops, virtually via webinar or in-person at the firm's offices.  

Virtual Coaching

Firms have the option to provide their lawyers with monthly hour-long coaching sessions  called “Masterminds,” facilitated telephonically by our faculty. The Masterminds foster meaningful discussion, consistent implementation, and peer-to-peer accountability.

Between each Mastermind, the lawyers will receive summaries of their objectives and the Action Items that are expected of them. Action Items are simple assignments such as attending a client event or reaching out to their network to nurture key relationships. We recognize that lawyers are busy, so we design the program such that the action items are time-efficient and simple to complete. The monthly time commitment required of participating lawyers is very reasonable.


We also provide virtual Train-the-Trainer session that empowers the firm’s marketing and business development staff to lead Masterminds, leverage the Practice Pipeline tool, and track progress with the platform’s management reports.