Expert coaching drives results.

Practice Pipeline is the perfect companion to a coaching or training program. Our expert coaches and advisors bring an additional measure of accountability where it is most needed. Whether you are running the initiative internally or wish to involve our training personnel, we will provide you with the resources you need to launch a successful program.

Our coaches and advisors are high-caliber professionals that have built their careers on driving business development results. Learn more about our faculty.



A Practice Pipeline initiative kicks off with an interactive workshop called the Kickoff that introduces the firm’s users to the tool. It shows them how to start building their business development pipeline.

The Kickoff provides users with a framework to:

  • Assess their strengths and weaknesses,
  • Establish their objectives for the program,
  • Become familiarized with the Practice Pipeline technology
  • Create a roadmap for success.

Kickoff sessions are facilitated by our faculty as 1-hour workshops, virtually via webinar or in-person at the firm's offices.

Virtual Coaching

Firms have the option to provide their users with monthly hour-long remote coaching sessions called Masterminds. Facilitated telephonically by our faculty, the Masterminds create a roundtable atmosphere that fosters meaningful discussion, consistent implementation, and peer-to-peer accountability.

Between each Mastermind, the users will receive summaries of their objectives and the Action Items that are expected of them. Action Items are simple assignments such as attending a client event or reaching out to their network to nurture key relationships. We recognize that service professionals are busy, so we design the program such that the action items are time-efficient and simple to complete. The monthly time commitment required of participating users is very reasonable.


We also provide virtual Train-the-Trainer sessions that empower the firm’s marketing and business development staff to lead Masterminds, leverage the Practice Pipeline tool, and track progress with the platform’s management reports.

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