Olivia C. Watson is the Marketing and Business Development Manager at Ackert. She has experience in diverse industry settings including environmental non-profits, financial services, fashion and SaaS. She is a versatile, creative marketer and B2B business developer with a talent for developing original content and initiatives that drive business growth.

She leads the marketing efforts at Ackert and contributes significantly to the company’s business development. She is responsible for developing and executing all marketing initiatives, designing all visual web/print content, authoring industry publications, creating video content, and creating company websites. Her written work has been featured/quoted by various publications including Strategies Magazine, JD Supra, PM Magazine, and the American Bar Association. Her business development efforts have generated more than a quarter-million dollars in new revenue.

She began her career in the environmental policy field, where she raised over $50,000 in grassroots donations on behalf of various environmental NGOs within the span of a few months, organized advocacy events that changed key policies at one of the largest universities in New England, and singlehandedly planned a large-scale sustainability festival attended by thousands.

She later transitioned into the financial services sector, where she gained experience with retirement plans, client service and data trend analysis. During her time in the fashion industry she contributed to product trademarking, competitive intelligence, and coordinating the launch of a product line at a popular international apparel brand.

She graduated Cum Laude from the University of Connecticut with a BS in Environmental Science. She also studied Advanced Spanish at Middlebury College and Graphic Design through California Institute of the Arts.